The new AMMEC DC-DC Converter is a big improvement for DC-based AMMETs

The SportBible team is excited to announce the arrival of the new AMMET Converter, an all-new DC-powered AMMET that will dramatically improve the performance of our AMMET converters.

The AMMET DC-to-DC converter is built on an aluminum alloy core with a steel core that provides a strong core with low noise and excellent power handling.

With a DC voltage of 5V, the converter is compatible with any AMMET AMMETS that are rated for DC 5V.

The converter is powered by a lithium ion battery pack that has a nominal voltage of 1.8A, which allows the converter to function for up to 12 hours on a single charge.

The converter is a fully modular unit, which means you can configure it to use any number of AMMETs that are compatible with it.

For example, you can choose between three AMMET D20s, four AMMET E20s or six AMMET C20s.

You can also choose from a variety of AM METs, which includes AMMET-D20, AMMET P30, AMET P30D, AMMAT-E30, and AMMET X20.

In addition to its unique features, the new converter is an efficient design.

The DC-voltage converter is designed to operate at a DC 5.5V and provide a stable output voltage of 10A at maximum operating pressure.

With the converter rated for 1.5A, it is compatible for AMMET AC, DC-AC, DC 5 or DC DC-5.

The conversion also has a DC input voltage of 0.6V and a DC output voltage up to 10.4V.

All of these features enable the converter and all AMMET controllers to work with AMMET devices that use DC power supplies.

This means that the AMMET converter can run in a range of applications ranging from consumer-grade AMMET power supplies to advanced automotive systems that require more power handling and noise reduction.

The new converter also features an easy-to access onboard control panel that allows the user to quickly and easily configure the converter.

The AMMET panel includes three controls: AMMET output voltage, output current, and current rate.

The output current can be set from 0.1mA to 5.8mA, and the current rate can be adjusted from 2.5mA to 3.0mA.

The input voltage is set from 5V to DC 5 volts.

All of these settings are adjustable from the AMmeter panel, so you can adjust the voltage for your particular application and application use case.

In terms of price, the AMmet Converter will start at $149.99 for the two-year warranty and $129.99 with a two-pack of adapters.

It is expected that this converter will be available at retail in the third quarter of 2018.


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