The NFL Draft 2017: The Biggest Upsets and Controversies

By now, you’ve seen the latest mock drafts, mock drafts for each NFL team, and what you can expect from each team in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

As always, these are not predictions.

They’re just guesses based on what we have been able to glean.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best mock drafts of the draft, which were released yesterday.

The NFL draft is less than a week away, and you can start making your final picks at 5 p.m.

ET (8 p.t.


But the big news this morning is that the first day of the NFL draft will not include the teams with the worst record in the league.

Instead, the first mock draft of the day will feature the best teams from the first to third rounds.

Here’s how the draft looks on the inside:The Cleveland Browns will have the second-worst record in NFL history.

They currently sit at 4-10, while the New England Patriots are 10-4 and have the third-worst winning percentage in the NFL.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are the only team with a winning record and a .500 record, but they’ll be looking for a win on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Here are some of the other picks in the mock draft:Cleveland BrownsQB: Marcus Mariota, USC, 6-2, 206 poundsThe Los Angeles Rams have a good chance to land Mariota with the No. 2 overall pick, as they are currently sitting in the top five in the NFC West.

The Rams are expected to trade down with the Philadelphia Eagles, but this could be a tough sell as Mariota has the talent to be a star in the pros.

The Browns are a little more likely to move down in the draft to get Mariota.

They are looking to add another quarterback with the second overall pick and have a handful of other top picks to do so.

The Cleveland Browns would be looking to land a QB this year, and they have one on their wish list, which is quarterback Cody Kessler.

The Cincinnati Bengals have a chance to nab Kessler with the fourth pick.

The Bengals are currently in second place in the AFC North, with the Pittsburgh Pirates sitting in fourth.

The Steelers are looking for help on the offensive side of the ball with second-year left tackle Marcus Gilbert and second-round cornerback Trae Waynes.

The New York Jets are the worst team in NFL History.

The Jets are currently 1-14, while they have the worst winning percentage (.471) in the division.

They have a few young pieces to help them out, as tight end Jacoby Ford is a favorite for the third overall pick.

Cornerback Quincy Wilson is another young piece for the Jets.

He has played well in practice so far this season and is projected to be taken in the second round.

The New York Giants are expected the pick of the Jets, and this could help the Giants get a quarterback in the middle of the first.

The Washington Redskins have a very strong defense and they could potentially move down, so they’ll need to trade up to grab a QB.

The Miami Dolphins are looking like they might be a favorite to land quarterback Ryan Tannehill, but the Miami Dolphins aren’t expected to move back to the top of the third round.

They’ve been winning games and are expected in the fourth round, so it might be tough for them to move up and grab a quarterback.

The Seattle Seahawks are one of the best defensive teams in the entire NFL, and it’s difficult to see them falling out of the top four.

The San Francisco 49ers are currently 12-4, and the Seattle Seahawks have a tough game on Sunday in the Seattle Super Bowl.

The 49ers have a couple of very talented players on defense, including defensive end Mario Williams, who has started for the 49ers in each of the last two seasons.

This is one of those games that could come down to the wire.

The Patriots are currently ranked No. 3 in the New York City area, while Seattle has a good shot at finishing with the highest winning percentage since 1990.

The Minnesota Vikings are projected to land the No, 1 overall pick as they would have to trade their No. 9 overall pick to move into the top six.

The Los Angeles Chargers will be looking at the second pick.

They could land a quarterback with their No., 6 overall pick if they trade up and get quarterback Philip Rivers, but Rivers is not expected to be in the mix with the Chargers.

The Buffalo Bills are projected as the No., 2 overall team in this mock draft.

The team has a solid defense, and could look to add a quarterback to improve the defense.

The Arizona Cardinals have a solid offensive line, and have some young pieces that could help them win games.

The Philadelphia Eagles are projected in the No.-2 overall spot, and are looking at a solid quarterback in Carson Wentz.

The Chicago Bears are expected at No.


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