The world’s first ever ‘smart’ home system is about to be rolled out

A smart home system, developed by a British company, could one day be rolled into the homes of millions of people.

The world’s smart home company, Aereo, says the Aeon smart home will be the first to offer its “next generation of wireless home security”.

The Aeon system, which Aereo calls the “Smart Home Security System”, will be “fully integrated” into the home, meaning it will have all the features of a conventional home security system, but with “enhanced connectivity” that will allow it to be connected to the internet.

The Aecos system is said to have two separate wireless systems, the “WiFi” and “Bluetooth”, that allow it “to work as a fully integrated security solution”.

The “Smart” Home Security Systems will be connected through the use of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to “remotely” manage the devices, the company said.

Aecos said the “Aeon” system is a new version of a device called the “AirWatch”, which was introduced in 2013.

The “Airwatch” is a smart home device that connects to the network via a wireless antenna.

The antenna allows it to remotely monitor devices such as cameras and thermostats.

In its current form, the AirWatch only monitors the temperature of the air in the home.

It is hoped that the Aecoms “Smart Security System” will be able to “monitor the security of all the connected devices in the AeroHome network”, and will allow for the “unprecedented control” of “the most sophisticated and advanced home security systems in the world”.

The system will also allow users to “control” other “connected devices” in the “home”.

“Aeco” said it is “confident that the new system will enable the entire home to become an integrated security system” and will be compatible with “any standard, wired or wireless home network”.

It added: “Aecoms system will be fully integrated with all other connected devices, allowing them to act as a single, secure unit”.

The company is not yet ready to make any public announcement on the AECos system, saying it will be rolled to consumers in the US and Europe in early 2018.

The Aereo company has been struggling for the past year as it struggled to build a large enough network to meet demand.

In May 2016, it was acquired by Dish Networks, which was later bought by

In March 2017, Dish also bought a majority stake in Aereo.


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