Voltmeter module is now available for Android app

An Android app for measuring and displaying voltages and current is now live.

This new version of Ammeter 2.0, which is currently available for download, lets users measure their current as well as the voltages they’re connected to.

The Ammeter team also shared some more details about how the module works, including the fact that it uses an Arduino-compatible MCP22F power supply to get power from the phone’s battery.

This is a new feature for the module, which means that the Ammeter app will no longer require any additional software to connect to the power supply.

It’s unclear how long this feature will remain available, but the Ammeters team said that the feature will be available to all Android users who already have the app installed.

As for battery life, the module does claim to be “up to 3.5 hours of continuous operation with a standard charge,” which is good enough for many of us.

We’re not sure what the exact number is, but it’s likely the company doesn’t plan on charging a full battery in its Ammeter module.

While Ammeter doesn’t have any plans to expand the Am meter into the market, the company has a lot of experience with this type of module, having made it available for use in the company’s own devices.

We’ve been able to get a good handle on battery life using a standard Ammeter battery.

In order to test the Am Meter module, we connected the phone to the Am Meters charger, plugged in the charger, and set the Am meters to the maximum level of 3.0V.

When the phone was charging, the Am meters voltage was around 4.0 volts.

When charging, we noticed that the phone started to lose power after an hour.

In the image above, the phone and the Am METERS charger are in a room with the AmMeters app running.

We were able to test Ammeter’s battery life over the course of several hours, and it was still able to maintain a constant 3.6 volt charge.

Ammeter is currently looking to get the Amms module into a wide range of different devices, but this is the first time we’ve heard that the company plans to make Ammeter into a battery-powered device.

The AMmeter 2 series is also expected to include a new module for use with Bluetooth, and the company also said that it’s planning to release a firmware update to support this next version.

We’ll be testing the Ammmeters module in our own tests, but if you’re interested in taking advantage of this new feature, you can get it for free from the Ampower site.


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