When a car’s battery is rated to last over 5,000 miles, it’s a classic ‘mustang’

When a Tesla’s battery gets to 5,500 miles, the car’s electric motors start to fail.

If this happens to you, you can expect to hear this ominous sound from the interior of your car as the battery dies: “Tesla has a problem with the car battery,” says a familiar, unhelpful sound.

This is the warning from the Tesla’s software when the battery’s rated for over 5 of the vehicle’s 6,000 mile life.

You can usually fix the problem by swapping the battery, but the software will still complain that the battery is over rated.

The problem, however, is that Tesla is actually making it worse by telling you the battery needs to be replaced.

Tesla’s auto-trader software will warn you if the battery “is nearing 5,250 miles,” “the battery is under 5,200 miles,” and “the charge is over 10 percent.”

“Tesla does not give you a way to check the battery to make sure it is in compliance with the battery manufacturers guidelines,” said a Tesla spokesperson in an email.

Tesla does not allow for users to check their battery status via their phone, and Tesla will only alert you if you see “this warning.”

Tesla’s automated software will inform you when the car has more than 10 percent charge and will tell you if your battery has exceeded 5,100 miles or less.

Tesla doesn’t actually give users a way for you to check that the charge is greater than 10%—it tells you if it’s over 5 percent.

It’s up to you to figure out if the problem is with the charger, the charger’s electronics, or both.

Tesla gives the “5,250 mile” figure to the car to remind you to buy the car, but it doesn’t tell you how much charge your battery needs.

In fact, the “charge is over 5%” warning comes from a Tesla engineer who has a vested interest in the accuracy of the “Tesla Charge Check” feature.

The feature, which Tesla advertises on its website, takes an image of your battery and calculates the approximate charge at which it’s most likely to lose the car.

The algorithm is designed to make it easy to determine whether a battery has reached its “5% charge.”

However, it also tells you how far into the battery you are, and it gives you the maximum charge available at the time the image is taken.

The “5-100 mile” warning is the first of many, warning you about the problems with your battery.

As I mentioned earlier, the company’s software does not actually tell you when you need to replace your battery or how much it’s charging.

You’re encouraged to contact your car’s manufacturer to check your battery status.

If the battery fails to match the company recommendations, Tesla will let you know.

The company’s own website doesn’t even tell you to call your car company to check battery status or how far you’re charging.

The only way you can actually check your car battery’s status is by reading the manufacturer’s manual.

If you’re having trouble getting the battery installed or reading your manual, Tesla’s customer service reps are a lot less helpful.

You will likely receive a message from a representative telling you that the problem isn’t a problem at all and that it’s “a rare issue that we can’t solve,” but that’s not what they tell you.

“We do not give the users the ability to check our battery status,” a Tesla representative told me.

“Our goal is to have a customer contact us for a solution, not for a software issue.”

Tesla has an online battery service where you can ask for help with your car.

It only takes a few minutes to fill out the form, but you’ll need to be logged in to access it.

Tesla says the company doesn’t make any money from the “Battery Check” service, which is supposed to help owners avoid overcharging their batteries.

“Battery check is provided free of charge by Tesla Motors,” the company said in a statement.

“If a customer fails to follow the steps outlined in the manual, they may damage their car or battery, which could result in a legal action.

If a battery is damaged, the damage is the responsibility of the customer.”

The only service you can get from Tesla for a battery replacement is a $299 service call.

If your battery’s over 10,000-mile, the $299 charge will cost you $10.

You’ll be able to visit the Tesla dealership to get a new battery if you have one.

But the service is so expensive that you’ll have to call a tow company or buy a used car.

If that doesn’t work, you might want to consider getting a new car.

A new car is a luxury car, and you’ll want to spend as much as you can afford on it.

If there are any problems with the batteries, you’ll


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