When does the new iPhone 8S compare to the old iPhone 7S?

The iPhone 8s will be released on June 24.

However, we already have a good idea of its specs: the camera is upgraded to a 12-megapixel sensor, the iPhone 8 has a bigger battery and more cameras.

But there are some differences between the old and new iPhones that we didn’t expect.

Let’s start with the cameras.

While the old iPhones had an 8-megapixels sensor, this one has 12.

In fact, the new one has an 18-megaphone sensor.

That’s a big change.

The new iPhone has a sensor that is twice as good as the old one, which is why the new model is referred to as the iPhone 7s.

This new sensor is much better than the old, and its quality is very good, according to Engadge.

But it doesn’t have the same resolution as the one from the iPhone 6S, which was announced last year.

This means the iPhone has slightly less detail, and the pixels have less contrast.

The iPhone 7 has a better camera than the iPhone 4, but the difference is less than 2-3 percent.

But the biggest difference is in the processor.

It has a new architecture that uses a new processor architecture that has a lot of new features.

It also has a smaller battery.

And it has more memory.

It is a little strange, but that means the processor has a huge performance boost.

Apple will now be able to run the new iPhones faster, since the new architecture allows it to do so.

The processor is also more powerful than the one in the iPhone 5.

That means that the iPhone is more efficient at the end of its life, and it can run for longer.

The iPhone 8 also has bigger batteries than the current model.

That makes the iPhone a lot faster.

But again, Apple is not saying exactly how much faster it will be.

In the first few days, the first iPhone 8 will be sold for just $649.

The first iPhone 7 was also quite slow.

That was the year the iPhone was released, and this is the year that Apple launched the iPhone SE.

But now that Apple has the new processor and a larger battery, it is able to produce better performance and battery life.

So, which iPhone will get the biggest performance boost?

We can’t know for sure yet.

But we can say that Apple is doing its best to keep the iPhone X and the iPhone Pro models the same size, so that they won’t be too big.

The two new iPhones have the exact same dimensions, and Apple has also released a new iPhone XS and XS Max, which will be the biggest iPhones in the market.


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